It has been quite some time since I did wrote on this advert blog but honestly I do not like much the latest ads posted by creative firms of the world. Not much too see on the new campaigns, few of them have good messages.

The only one new that I saw today was the Wrangler FLARE ad prints campaign and the related spot called “Animals”.

The new print campaign from FFL Paris for Wrangler illustrates humans as animals in different locations in the wild.

The Wrangler brand is repositioning itself through instinct and emotion.

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I’m not sure what the message of this spot is, this seem to be a response to the pubic criticism, Spanish football supporters.

Although this is another Nike advertising for Euro 2008, this advertising seems to virtually involve a crush between Spain’s football team and crowd.

All five players in this ad, Torres, Iniesta, Ramos, Puyol and Fábregas are all sponsored by Nike as individuals. They are all individually sponsored by Nike; however the Spanish national team is sponsored by ADIDAS.
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A futuristic spot from Lacoste to celebrate its 75th anniversary and its founder’s extraordinary inventiveness.

Can you imagine how tennis will be played in the future, 75 years from now? You, new technology and a wall.

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This spot is created by O&M Amsterdam and MTV (whose names does not appear on this sport) as support for peace in Burma. Spot uses footage of warplanes bombing Burma with flowers as an impressive call-to-action, inviting viewers to visit a new Burma Arts Board website, noneofusarefree.org.

Here at the new Burma Arts Board website, you can send messages of support to the people of Burma in honor of their continuing struggles against the notorious practices of their oppressive military government, learn more about the devastating effects caused by the recent cyclone, and find ways to contribute to relief efforts.

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Few months ago I was telling you about a new ecological campaign from Romania aiming to save the Danube reservation. That campaign was talking about the ecological problems from Danubian Delta.

Preserving and protecting nature is now the subject of a new campaign.

Three ad prints are asking people to share 2% of the income tax to give a chance to solve the most important problems of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation.

Their mission is: “In the battle against people for the sake of nature! And, finally, for the good of our people. ”
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