It has been quite some time since I did wrote on this advert blog but honestly I do not like much the latest ads posted by creative firms of the world. Not much too see on the new campaigns, few of them have good messages.

The only one new that I saw today was the Wrangler FLARE ad prints campaign and the related spot called “Animals”.

The new print campaign from FFL Paris for Wrangler illustrates humans as animals in different locations in the wild.

The Wrangler brand is repositioning itself through instinct and emotion.

The spot we are animals.
From The Press Release

In today’s society, our animal instincts are smothered by daily modern life, city-living and constant technological developments. Man is an animal, but he no longer knows it.

Wrangler’s new strategic and creative platform seeks to re-awaken our bottled-up instincts and to encourage who and what we fundamentally are, by putting all that is pure, natural and instinctive back into Man.

Agency: FFL Paris
Executive Creative Director: Fred & Farid
Art Director: Julie Louison, Perinne Durand
Copywriter: Julie Louison, Perinne Durand
Agency Supervisor: Fred & Farid, Daniel Dormeyer, Brani Branitcheva, Vassilios Basos, Paola Bersi
Advertiser Supervisor: Giorgio Presca, Mark Cuthbert, Gary Burnand, Carmen Claes
Art Buyer: Camille Guerrier, Charlotte Delobelle
Media Strategy and Buying: FFL Media, Pascal Crifo

8 Responses to “Wrangler – we are animals advertising campaign”

  1. 1 Victoria

    Looking like a young, hungry, tough, animal is one thing. Looking like a corpse is quite another. Yes, death is part of the life cycle, but everyone knows that a young, beautiful corpse floating in water means that, probably someone murdered them. Wrangler know it, we know it. That’s great. Wrangler Jeans hopes you get murdered in these jeans, or at the very least, tragically killed. So tasteful.

  2. 2 Lemurc

    Yes subliminal message.
    Conspiracy everywhere.

  3. 3 John Dawson

    Those are some really cool photos. As someone who is moving more into the portrait/creative photography direction I really enjoyed these!

  4. 4 SGW

    What kind of equipment setup was used for these shots? Thanks!

  5. 5 Bob Oblaw

    When will violence against women stop being sexy? This is not art. This is part of the societal cancer that contributes to the systematic oppression of women.

  6. 6 Dr Andrew Power

    Love the sun-deprived animal on the rock… lol interesting repositioning idea though

  7. 7 timm061

    Ummm … yeah, whatever. Award-winning? Really? Really?!?!?