One of the biggest problem about Northern Ireland (and not only) roads is the speed that causes car accidents. The Department of Environment Northern Ireland started a campaign against speed on roads called “The Faster the Speed, the Bigger the Mess” to aware population about these possible accidents that speed may cause.

The Faster the Speed, the Bigger the Mess.


Drivers always make excuses for their quick ride. They all have excuses, “it was so unexpected”, “I have not been able to see it”, “how can you predict? “, but the truth is that people often choose to move very fast speed. And the faster they go, the greater the probability of an accident and serious consequences is.

The campaign is supported by one of Europe’s largest insurers, Norwich Union.
This is a powerful social campaign. Speed matters.

14 Responses to “Road Safety Irish awareness campaign”

  1. 1 David

    Very powerful video though it misses the point that bad driving is the real problem. If high speed were such a problem then all formula one races would be a blood bath. It is driving fast under the wrong situations that kills. Even the UK govt’s own figures show that speed is only the cause in a small proportion (way below the wrongly quoted 1/3rd).

    One retired road engineer Paul Smith has been challenging the assumption that speed is the problem. His website is http://www.safespeed.org.uk – it’s an excellent website with an amazing amount of factual detail.

  2. 2 Lemurc

    Well this campaign is trying aware us about the speed factor from the gov statistics on traffic accidents. :)

    Danish Traffic Warden (Censored) some related to this from other country. :)

  3. 3 Grando

    “If high speed were such a problem then all formula one races would be a blood bath.”

    This is not a personal attack, but what a very silly statement.

    You cannot compare on the one hand the world’s best drivers, in cars designed for speed (and for no other reason), on a racetrack, in daylight, looked after by a team of highly trained mechanics and technicians. Then take the case of a 17 year old boy, showing off to his friends, in a compact car, probably containing 5 people, who has just passed his driving test a few weeks ago, at night on a country road. Throw in some alcohol (even only the passengers), some goading from his mates etc. etc.

    I’m sure you get the picture. The man you quoted may well know a great deal about the subject, but he has never seen anyone killed by a car which was doing zero miles per hour. The injuries sustained, and the damage caused rise exponentially with every 10 mph increase in speed.

  4. 4 Lemurc

    Yes, you can not compare them. Unless people can walk inside the formula one arena.

  5. 5 David Edward

    Don’t see many racetracks with roundabouts, junctions, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, hedges, houses, parked vans, cyclists, oncoming traffic, loose dogs, etc,…..
    I think you get my drift (no pun intended).
    As for Paul Smith and “Safespeed” it’s the biggest misnoma ever. He’s only out to encourage others like him to drive beyond the mandatory limits no matter how weak their control of a vehicle may be. Very much in the Jeremy Clarkson mode that it’s all a big joke.

  6. 6 Nigel

    Some facts for you.

    1) This is not a Northern Irish advert – it is made by and for the Republic.
    2) Paul Smith does not advocate driving in excess of any speed limit especially where the driver’s car control is weak.
    3) Neither does Jeremy Clarkson – in fact he has railed against speeding in his newspaper/magazine columns in the past.
    4) Nobody has ever been killed by a car doing zero mph. Nobody has been killed by one doing 600 mph either. On the other hand, people have been killed by cars doing 5 mph.
    5) Formula 1 cars are not designed purely for speed – grip is far more important – and the team can’t help him out on the track.

    Only an idiot would attempt an overtaking manouvre in the circumstances shown in the advert. There are pedestrians right next to the road, there’s a horse just over the wall and it’s on the outskirts of a village.

    Even worse, the driver decided to save the live of a dog in favour of cutting up another motorist.

    Do you really feel that the driver in that advert would be safe if he travelled more slowly? Or do you perhaps see that he should never have been allowed behind the wheel in the first place?

    Be honest – what notice is the 17yo (mentioned in a previous post) going to take of the advert when he’s under that many influences? More to the point, those influences are diverting his attention rather than forcing him to drive faster.

  7. 7 Lemurc

    Do you really feel that the driver in that advert would be safe if he travelled more slowly? Or do you perhaps see that he should never have been allowed behind the wheel in the first place?

    There is no need for us to analyze the advert. It is aiming the aware us about some facts. This commercial is just an illustration of some facts. Nothing more. Maybe some people are safe if drivers will drive slowly…or maybe not. But some people made accidents because of speed. That’s for sure.

    And yes….many people should not have that driving license. :)

  8. 8 Business Education

    I seen similar ads in Australia. This kind of ads can higher the road safety awareness. But it could be for temporary. If this kind of ads put on TV for 1 month people will not shocking anymore.

  9. 9 Welshie

    “Do you really feel that the driver in that advert would be safe if he travelled more slowly? Or do you perhaps see that he should never have been allowed behind the wheel in the first place?”

    Even the most experienced driver can and will make mistakes from time to time. To take the F1 analogy, look at Ayrton Senna! Call it driver error or mechanical failure, accidents do happen.

    The whole point of the advert is to demonstrate the link between speed and the CONSEQUENCES of speed. It’s highlighting the natural laws of Physics, the faster you’re travelling when an unexpected event happens, the worse the consequences COULD be.

    It’s a dramatic advert, perhaps too exterme. The point however, is real. Speeding is a very selfish act, it puts the speeding drivers needs above those of other road users.

    If you’re a good a driver, then test your skills on a racing circuit, or try a bit of rallying. I lOVE driving, but I can only enjoy it in a really challenging and totaly controlled place!

    I urge everyone to think about driving, to take pride in their driving, and to drive with respect for all road users.

  10. 10 vinay dayya

    it is very top ad in fild.

  11. 11 Paprika

    Limiting speed and such is much more about ‘if something goes wrong’ than ‘when everything is allright’. And something can, and eventualy will, go wrong anytime… Accidents DO happen.


  12. 12 Lemurc

    Accidents DO happen.

    True Paprika, but accidents can be avoided.

  13. 13 Jonester

    I think ads like this work,and I also think that the Republic needs to invest more in parking and service areas.So that drivers can rest and get refreshed before going on.
    When I first saw the ad I was shocked,and if it works on me it must surely work on others.
    I also find that drink driving is not seen as a big no no in the south,and it is more of a hassel that the gaurds might stop you rather like an occupational hazzard.Dont get me going on untaxed and insured migrant workers!!

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