I’m not sure what the message of this spot is, this seem to be a response to the pubic criticism, Spanish football supporters.

Although this is another Nike advertising for Euro 2008, this advertising seems to virtually involve a crush between Spain’s football team and crowd.

All five players in this ad, Torres, Iniesta, Ramos, Puyol and Fábregas are all sponsored by Nike as individuals. They are all individually sponsored by Nike; however the Spanish national team is sponsored by ADIDAS.

People in the background are discussing why Spanish football team can’t win any big tournament and what team needs to be successful.

The answer is taking football to the next level and win.

Good commercial, after all.

7 Responses to “Nike football Spain – Euro 2008”

  1. 1 Sachin

    Nice commercial!!

  2. 2 tristan cross

    the players must be offered more money by nike which is why they do it .

  3. 3 brian F

    I dont see why Nike should have to pay all these players an arm and a leg. They are all role models and should be playing for the sport of the game not to see how much money they can get from endorments. They say their family needs to eat, but i think making a few million dollars allows your whole family to eat as long as you dont buy 15 cars ad 3 houses in each city you play in.

  4. 4 Daniel Miller

    Creative advertisement for sure. Don’t have a background in Spanish but would be interesting to know what the writing says?

    It looks like a classic Nike branding ad. They dig to reach people’s emotions. From an advertising point of view though, it would be very hard to track the response of this ad. So big bucks for branding and awareness, but would be great to see some tracking and measurement going on as well.

  5. 5 Live Football

    It’s a cool ad, but even being told what the background slogans are, it’s hard to put both together and figure out what it’s about. Could be some kind of response from the team to supporters, and that the players are just as determined to write history (which they did).

  6. 6 Robert in Jacksonville

    Cool video. I guess the commentators didnt take into account spain’s recent EURO 08 victory. Does that not count as a ‘major’ tournament? lol.

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