Dublin is a city familiarized with the water. This situation make that its population has guaranteed the source of water. However, the world-wide problem of the water and the fact that everything is not potable, confer to the use of the vital liquid, a strong superiority. That’s why handling of the water must be done with proper consequences for the future.

The main source of this problem is the degree to which people are using drinking water for watering their gardens and cleaning their cars. Those who are particularly aggravating the problems are relatively well educated home owners who do not include water conservation on the list of their civic duties.

“Water is precious. Let’s Conserve it”.

Combined to this, it would be necessary to consider that the greatest region of Dublin consumes 110 million gallons daily, generating the demand highest of history.

For this reason, the authorities have sent to the campaign “Water is precious. Let’s conserve it”.

Perhaps it is not efficient when the tide raises, nevertheless, this type of innovating tactics of social responsibility must begin to be used to shake consciences and to generate attitudes.