Again Dove carry on its communication based on the development of the natural beauty and the criticism of the drifts marketing of this sector.

After last TV spot called “Dove Evolution” Dove marks its way with this clip “Onslaught”. The tag line is “Talk to your daughter before the industry does”.

Following the success of the award winning Dove Evolution video, part of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, Dove is now launching the follow up: Onslaught.

It’s a short film featuring a young girl being assailed with hundreds of images of female perfection and female beauty in society. The freckled 7-year-old girl is facing the camera as a soundtrack repeats “Here it comes.”

This series of commercials have the purpose of educating and inspiring the women on the true meaning of the beauty.

Remember the Dove Pro-age Campaign and the Little Girls from Dove commercials showing the same social responsibility.

It`s powerful. Watch it and after that you will think about it.

10 Responses to “Dove tell you to talk to your daughter before the industry does”

  1. 1 Burst Labs

    It’s one of the very few ads I actually want my daughter to see.

    Putting aside the possible hypocrisy regarding their parent company and the beauty industry as a whole, it is definitely powerful… we think the music choice they made played a big role, and added our $0.02 to the conversation at our music licensing blog… come on by and say hi.

  2. 2 blogengeezer

    As the Grandfather of young girls and boys, I only can think about what the future will bring for them. The entire world is getting wilder, rather than more civilized. I hope these things help in some way. Our personal faith is strong and that helps in ways that secular society can not understand.

  3. 3 Lemurc

    There is hope blogengeezer.
    Some campaigns are trying to educate the teenagers. But this is not enough.
    Thanks for your comment and watching this blog. :)

  4. 4 Ryan P

    Hey.. I think it is a very good thing what Dove is doing. It still is marketing towards their product though. That is the bottom line, not your children’s self-esteem.

    The same company that owns Dove owns Axe deodorant. They are hypocrites. Don’t be fooled.

  5. 5 Lemurc

    You’re right Ryan.
    Business is always business. So we all know this is an excuse to promote them product.
    But it also shows its hypocrisy by teaching people that other products are bad. Now people should see the truth about commercials and cosmetic products, and react on their own.

    But you mush recognize that this king of promotion (using educational purpose) bring much more buyers to them. So somehow it’s showing a real act (the commercials) and a hypocrite intention (that girl will buy Dove products because others are not good).

    Commercials….will always be just commercials. It matters who watch them and how much they trust this advertise.

    Thanks for comment. :)

  6. 6 Kim Krause Berg

    While expertly done, the ad made me, as a mother of a daughter, angry.

    I HAVE been talking to my daughter. For over 17 years. Through MTV, music, TV, RAP music, Youtube, computer privacy and safety, peer pressure at school, magazines…all of the constant onslaught.

    She attended self esteem classes for girls and walked away wondering what possible wrong did she commit, that SHE had to be taught how to combat images of girls and women who are walking skeletons? Her brothers have no such classes or pressure.

    All those images in the Dove ad of women going under the knife and vomitting are NOT the result of parents not having tried to warn their kids about beauty and fashion industry ads.

    Those images are the industry’s fault and I highly resented that Dove is blaming us, warning us. If we fail to protect our daughters, they’ll suffer.

    Give us tools. Give us support. Not blame. We didn’t create this mess. Their industry did.

  7. 7 Lemurc

    Great comment Kim.
    Thanks a lot.

    If we fail to protect our daughters, the industry will have them.

  8. 8 Pat the translator

    Very powerful and impressing clip! First time I saw it. I don’t have a daughter but a 14 year old much younger sister (or almost 14, in a few days). Though at that age the industry already indoctrinated them quite a bit :(

  9. 9 Vertaling

    Thanks for posting this. I sent it to some of my friends as well. It’s quite old I guess, but somehow I had never seen it before.

  10. 10 Blogengeezer

    Without ‘Business’, this entire humanity would be survival by subsistance. I know a little bit about that system and it’s not at all as easy as some people ‘dream’. The population of the world grew slowly and hovered below one billion until the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Within less than 200 years it has soared to 6.8 billion.
    Communism’s Dreams are so well intentioned as to make them Utopian. Reality far overshadows that dream. The Russian nationalist population is less than replenishment rate of 2.1 births per female. Hopelessness in the future is the depressing factor. Alcoholism is rampant in the Russian families including lower classes because it is a refuge from reality. Free entireprise in the style of the western nations that still allow its growth, is by far the easier method of survival. Competition is supposedly an evil word in the elitist society, especially when the parents or grandparents were the source of the earnings that afford this attitude in their offspring. Generations switch living conditions all through history. Pray that this reversal does not come in your own generation…Life will be hard..to say the least.