Here is the ‘Scary tale’ TV spot which was diffused in the english cinemas. The goal was to give a little more information and to sensitize the population about the food problems and eating disorders that some kids may face them. The anorexia and the bulimia are two faces of the same part. These are serious illnesses that we should be looking after, but above all to prevent them.

The idea was to provide assistance and information to the parents whose children are affected by food disorders.

This are tips from pro-anorexia websites. For better advice visit a different website. dontdieforadiet.com

There is a campaign started with collaboration of many organizations (AMV BBDO and Proximity London) to fight against this problems. It was carried out by Niall and Helen Downing and produced by 2AM productions.

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11 Responses to “Don’t die for a diet”

  1. 1 Brett

    This is a cool advice page. People need to stand against anerexia and bulimia…

  2. 2 diizy

    holy moley, thats quite an amazing advertisement. Well done, this is an excellent job of portraying the message to the viewer.

  3. 3 Model Manager

    Wow in the end she’s looking really hot…pity she is too fat to be a model though.

  4. 4 miss.andi

    too bad it is not a choice…

  5. 5 msempower

    I’m hoping this campaign receives some award. While I am not a huge fan of “scare tactics” I am beginning to accept that this is possibly one of the more effective ways to raise awareness and de-stigmatize eating disorders. I’m not sure what a “feel good” eating disorder awareness/prevention psa would look like or how effective it would be. A bit of a change from the Dove Real Beauty Campaign. …check out post at:

  6. 6 msempower

    more impactful than dove’s real beauty ads

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