Don`t cut the forest recklessly

This social campaign was started by the Media Monitoring Agency from Romania regarding the awareness of forest mass destruction. The land clearing is getting very alarming for the community.

Heroes are not always human.


Land clearing is a criminal act.


Don`t cut the forest recklessly.


Land clearing is a criminal act.


Mourning by the missing of our brothers from the Trotus Valey


The campaign is trying to get peoples attention about the forests and the endangered species.

Forests in Romania are no longer the way they were. Much of the lands covered by forests are now empty lands.

This project is sponsored and supported by EU.

Agency: Grey Worldwide
Creative Director: Claudiu Dobrita and Stefan Vasilachi
Art Director: Arpd Fekete and Alexandru Micu
Copywriter: Cosmin Nicolae and Cristina Popescu
Client Service: Roxana Matasel and Cristiana Spataru
Production: Eugen Alexe si Mihai Draghici