BMW 1 series

These ad prints were made for BMW 1 series. Great illustrations from TBWA\Istanbul defining the concept of what BMW 1 series wanted to be.

That`s why we don`t have front wheel drives.
BMW. Sheer Driving Pleasure.

BMW 1 series BMW 1 series BMW 1 series

Agency: TBWA\Istanbul
Advertiser: Borusan Otomotiv
Brand Name: BMW 1 Series
Campaign Name: Rear Wheel Drive Campaign
Creative Director: H. ONER SAHIN
Copywriter: GOKHAN YUCEL
Art Director: BORAN EREM
Photographer: STOCK
Illustrator: EROL GUNES

Epica, 2006 (Winner for the campaign) for Automobiles

6 Responses to “BMW 1 series”

  1. 1 D

    Ummm, the MINI is made by BMW and is FWD. Not the smartest of ad campaigns.

  2. 2 Joel Laumans

    Clever ads =)

    and to commenter #1:
    “These ad prints were made for BMW 1 series”
    -read the text

  3. 3 R

    they sell minis in the same showroom the retards

  4. 4 Miki

    Porsche is made by VW. We still don’t say that there are FWD porsches out there.

    BMW makes Mini Coopers, but they are not BMWs (have you ever been inside one? They are DEFINITELY not BMWs). Therefore, there is not a fwd BMW out there.

    On a different note, they should have stuck with a particular kind of animal, i.e. small and nimble ones. For a car of BMW 1′s size, that’s the message they are trying to get across, right? The rabbit and the frog make sense. The horse does not.

  5. 5 D

    Where do you buy a MINI? At a BMW dealership. When was the last time your saw a 911 parked next to a Golf at a VW dealership?

    The MINI is most certainly a BMW, as only a company famous for its luxobarges could take the small and nimble mini and turn it into the thing that is the MINI.

  6. 6 C

    Ha, last time I checked BMW bought out Mini Cooper, it was it’s own company once. Who made it front wheel drive. Why change the idea when you know it sales? Good try! :)